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Going on a Roadtrip for 8 Claw Machines

Ok, I went on an adventure this past weekend.

Earlier this month I was contacted by Socks, a maker out of Pennsylvania who wanted to let me know about an arcade auction that was taking place in his neck of the woods. Specifically he wanted to let me know about a selection of 17 total claw machines. 17! Better yet was their price — each of the machines was starting at $1. Having watched a similar auction from the same auction house last year I knew that these were good deals — the claw machine I was into the previous year had ended up going for $20. Talking to RunJumpDev we saw an opportunity — get a few claw machines and bring them home for an art exhibition in 2021.

I’ve never moved a claw machine before. Not a single one. This will come into play later.

Socks went and checked out the machines for me, along with some rough measurements. We booked a truck — they only had one with a ramp available, no lift gate. This will also come into play later. We sat down for the auction. We won every single machine we were interested in, and spent a grand total of $104. Guess we have to go to Pittsburgh now.

Anyway, we drove the 6 or so hours to Pittsburgh, loaded up some machines before realizing our folly. There is absolutely no way all 8 machines were going to fit in one box truck. John and RunJumpDev booked a second truck. We crashed at a friends house (thanks Adam) and then waited til the second truck from Kentucky arrived, loaded that one up and went home. Now all the machines are waiting in a garage. The entire journey is below: