April 7, 2020 amanda

Tiny Library Zine for Pandemics

During the course of this pandemic, it’s become slightly more complicated to promote our organization. It’s not that we can’t meet — due to the nature of RunJumpDev, we’ve actually fully made the transition to digital meetings. But it’s harder for people who may be interested in finding out about our organization to participate. So I made a tiny zine to be distributed through tiny libraries (by anyone who can do so) so that if people are interested, they can seek us out.


Will this result in literally anyone finding  out about our organization? I have no idea. It was kind of relaxing to make, and I thought it would be a good use of time, so I made it. I’m interested in slightly guerilla tactics for promotion, and in that sense, a single-paper zine to be distributed by the community to tiny libraries to promote a game developers co-operative made a lot of sense.

zineThe whole thing was made in the fantastic Nathalie Lawhead’s Electric Zine Maker, which is so easy to use my partner taught it to their 13 year old sister in 5 minutes.

Below is the zine. I think. I’ve never tried to put one of these online.

For viewing online: RJD_Zine_digital

For printing and sharing at your own tiny libraries or social distanced events: RJD_Zine