February 13, 2020 amanda

Repair Shop for Global Game Jam 2020

This year for Global Game Jam, I made a game! I know, I know. That’s normally what people do for Global Game Jam. But usually I’m so busy with the running of the RunJumpDev Global Game Jam site that I don’t get a chance to actually make a game. This year was an exception. With the theme of “Repair” I was able to make a game about my recent television obsession, the Repair Shop!


The game is relatively simple – I wanted to focus on the things that I know and love about the Repair Shop. Someone brings in a broken thing, the shop comes together to repair the thing, and then they return the object to the client where-upon the client immediately cries. Rinse and repeat. I’m obsessed.

The game was made in Ink and then beautified by my partner Matt Hudgins while I made everyone dinner at our site. If you’re interested, you can check out the game here.